Number of browser tabs I’ve accidentally closed since getting my new Mac: 0

That is much less than when I was using my iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. In that time the contrast between tabs wasn’t strong enough and the “snapping” UI would interfere with my movement of the cursor.

My 10-year old MBP is better than your M1 Machine Of The Future because I know which tab I’m in.

Suck it, rich nerds. 😎

YouTube -> β€œgood mood lofi” -> queue on queue on queue -> 😎

Between the coffee and catching up on Core Intuition it looks like Finish Friday is a reality for me with @TIL today. πŸ’ͺ

Got a message from Openreach regarding the broadband. It included a link to a video with help for setting up… on Vimeo πŸ‘€

So very thankful for web apps. Without them I couldn’t post this right now!

I find it so easy to forget that Tenor is owned by Google and Giphy is owned by Facebook.

Every now and then I think about the things I can do with this computer, the kinds of things that were either impossible or so difficult as to be impossible, and it’s a great mixture of anticipation and excitement.

Making plans from this position is so much fun. 😊

Doppler is on the Mac πŸ₯³

… but requires Big Sur 😬


They’re so damn adorable 😭

Yet another random magical encounter on a street. I won’t grow tired of meeting these neighbours 😻

A black and white cat standing alert in the street.

When you enjoy your work it can be easy to forget that these are tools and not toys.

What you can’t see: the sharp reminders that not everything is always as it seems with these beasties.

First day of the return of @TIL πŸŽ‰

Now in the new house, with a computer that is so very good, and a much better environment overall… this is a much more substantial return, thankfully, finally.

If you’re taking part in the October Photo Challenge, you’ll like the latest Tip. πŸ‘€

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  • Get access to pre-release material. πŸŽ‰
  • Contribute to making TIL better. 🀯
  • Support an indie. 😎

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I’m looking at these screenshots of the new Safari UI on Daring Fireball, and am reminded of when I recently used my wife’s M1 MBP. Now I am using my own MBP, it is 10 years old, and I’m using High Sierra… seriously, @gruber, my Safari is better which is just ridiculous.

Today is the First Day With Coffee Since The Move… day.


“Now you can focus on the CoNtEnT! πŸ€ͺ”

Nah. I’ll keep calling them websites, or “sites” for short.

Thanks for standing up for the 2-trillion-dollar company, though. Good effort. πŸ‘

Is the majority of the heat escaping through the keyboard πŸ˜‚