Moving from Windows + Google -> Apple involves a lot of manual work. Effectively transcribing.

I suppose Apple was lying when they said “Windows users LOVE iPad!”

No wonder they lean hard into “What’s a computer?”

Domain squatters are a great example of the great extent to which we have fucked up the web.

For me, the only good iOS apps left on a 4-inch screen are those made by Apple. Even then it’s hit and miss.

Haven’t so much as glanced at the news for a few days. 10/10 would recommend.

I would love to read the Halide blog but in choosing Medium as a host, Sebastiaan de With and Ben Sandofsky have apparently decided they’re opposed to the concept of open feed-reading technology.

Why even bother with other silos? They should just use Facebook.

Having an extended weekend off was good, and necessary. I was completely away from the computer and have started thinking about how I’m going to spend my spare time for the next few weeks.

For one I’m going to write about, well, something… something for my blog either way.

The new SE is too big. Thankfully my original model is holding up fine. If I am pressed into a newer phone due to loss of functionality then I’ll get the best new option and keep it for 4 years.

Then, if I want a smaller screen I’ll give the Apple Watch a go.

It’s still weird for me to see people not adhering to social distancing, and not taking the appropriate precautions (for example: identifying the vulnerable people in their lives and doing everything to help protect them).

A lot of people are clearly in denial.

It took me all day to figure out the pun in Watchsmith.

Today’s gripes:

  • Pricing your service product based solely on my IP and not letting me change my location.
  • Help-centre websites that do not link back to the main site.

Neither of these flaws inspire confidence in me for your product.

Firefox is… not good on iOS. Not good at all.

Yesterday I was barely on The Internet at all.

10/10 would recommend.

The next time you wonder why it is that Manton Reece doesn’t submit the Mac app to the App Store, please consider the shoddy state of the App Review Team.

It is no business of Apple’s what it is that developers put on their website.

> try to load TechCrunch

> thirst for whisky intensifies