Reminder: British Daylight Savings has started so we’re back at GMT.

Whenever I watch clips of Queen live I just… ugh Freddie was the definition of superstar.

A skill I would like to develop a lot more: critical thinking and the expression thereof.

If I ever make a declarative statement based on an opinion, I will have first considered it thoroughly and be able to provide clear and tangible explanations of said opinion.

When people talk about something they love, I am happy.

When people talk about something in which they are an expert, I am happy.

When people do these two things at once… 😍😍😍

For the watch nerds out there:

Are Skagen reliable?

Google have messed around with tab controls in Chrome.

… sigh

Why are any journalists determined to declare RSS “dead” when it could in fact be a great route for them to have much more robust careers and generally better lives? Baffling.

Apple needs a solid two years of working on its software with one underlying philosophy guiding all of their decisions: It just works.

I don’t think they have the courage to do such a thing.

Not that I expect it’ll be much of a balm to those Apple users who are currently struggling with updates seemingly across all of their devices but Microsoft’s handling of Windows updates has been terrible for most of the year.

If you’re using silo networks, aka “social media”, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and are bothered by the spread of horrible posts, I have a tip:

  • Do not share.
  • Do not reply.
  • Do not quote.
  • Do not mention.

All engagement supports the posts. No exceptions.

Gonna go ahead and pass on Joker.

Tip for those who are unsure: it’s made by the same person who made The Hangover.

Damn it 2 minutes into Seinfeld and I’m already into it. Whole multiple seasons of TV I now need to watch.

Be the kind and compassionate adult who you wished was available when you were younger.

Don’t be that person who judges younger people and blames them for societal ills.

We can work at being better people and give young people the space they need to do the same thing.

I’m looking back on this month of updates and just wow @manton, @macgenie, and @cheesemaker you should all be god damned proud having delivered that collection of features all in the space of a few weeks, especially on the back of such a productive summer. 👏🏻

A very late night working on @til is much more enjoyable than feeling bad about not working on the project. The community just makes everything easier. 🌟🙌🏻❤

For the first time in my life I just saw somebody post the US version of the word endeavour and honestly you’re all monsters every last one of you.

The aforementioned chromecast and lyrics features for Apple Music on Android (middle and left icons, below the playback controls):