Apple Maps in DuckDuckGo, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap are all inferior to Google Maps. Does anybody know of a good alternative for non-iPhone users?

Search on Pocket Casts needs a lot of work. Makes the app frustrating to use and just adds another brick to my “reasons to move back to Apple” wall.

An incoming Harvard freshman, a 17 year old Palestinian boy, had his visa cancelled & was deported because US officials searched his phone/laptop & said his friends had social media posts that were critical of the US.

Sana Saeed

The US will no longer attract the best.

The weird thing about Brexit for me, personally, is that it coincides with big changes for my wife and I – in a good way, nothing to worry about – and so there’s a possibility I’ll go without any posts or comments for a while; hopefully it’s just because of the good changes.

More than two years of an “indiscriminate iPhone attack”, centring on both websites and Safari. I know native apps aren’t perfectly safe but stuff like this is why it can be difficult to be pro-web. Who has time to worry about this stuff when you can just use apps?

Home Screen: August, 2019

As part of my move away from Google, I’m now trying (and enjoying) the following:

  • Nova Launcher: removes the clutter of the Pixel Launcher
  • Firefox Focus: lightweight browsing FTW
  • DuckDuckGo: results I want
  • Protonmail: accessible privacy

The success of social media is especially confusing in light of technological progress; we have made it so much easier to create and host high fidelity images, videos, even words (fonts, etc), and yet the vast majority of people will only look at them at their lowest quality.

Of all of the issues people have with Google, when I think about the potential they have squandered the biggest failure has to be YouTube. This thing could’ve changed video-based media industries across the world in a lot of big ways and yet here we are, no better than before.

Of the many things I have attempted to change in my life, it’s fair to say transitioning to a diet aimed at (safely) losing weight has been the most difficult. Why does so much food have to be so damned good.

One of the phrases I hate to hear: “Bad language.” How about we all stop trying to control each other?

One of the reasons I trust @manton and @macgenie and @cheesemaker more than, say, the latest “hot talent building a platform with VC money” is that has already been built with the idea that if the hosting ever goes away, my data does not go with it.

This is important.

She barely knew how to Google, and yet here she was, browsing Wikipedia articles and D&D fansites.

Antoine H. via Twitter

A brilliant story, wonderfully told.

Conversations like this are why I am looking to leave Google once and for all. Jeremy Keith does a great job of keeping the thread on-topic, whilst both Malte Ubl and Paul Bakaus – the Google employees – speak as if they were part of a cult.

Google’s auto-complete in search is horrible. One of many significant examples of how they are clearly more interested in telling you what you are doing before even trying to give you the software as a tool for what you know you want to do.

I can’t wait to get rid of this Pixel.

It’s amazing how easily we allow sensational, transparently dishonest crap into our lives. Our species is, above all else, seemingly prone to fear-based decision making.

Perception is unquestionably one of the most difficult barriers faced by the independent web. Even for those of us who are opposed to the silos, it’s obvious that they hold a lot of power and are keen to make the open web essentially unusable and thus irrelevant.

Twitter would be infinitely improved if they just banned all politicians.

Sony buying Insomniac… wow. And Kojima RT’d the announcement. 🤔

Welp. No university course this year. Time for a new plan.