“The government wants to snoop on you!”

… a person says, whilst giving a for-profit mega-corp their face, fingerprints, and an endless stream of their life.

One of my favourite things on the internet is when somebody makes the comment “That’s not real”.

As a great man once said: “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?”

Issue 11 of ICYMI is scheduled for release. If you subscribe now you’ll get all of last week’s 14 posts and the accompanying notes.

There’s one more post set to be published this evening, and that’s the end of the week for @TIL. With 14 posts it feels good to say that activity has resumed.

I’m looking forward to next week: the full set of regular posts and some updates.

Next goal: a full month of posts.

There’s a major update to Nova, mostly because the folks at Panic clearly knew that @vincent needed to be tested by a distraction 😂

The quality of Micro Camp: my podcast-listening habit of simultaneous work is utterly defeated. If I have to do something whilst watching a Micro Camp video, I must first pause the video because the discussions require all of my attention.

All killer, no filler. 😎

I’ve been ill for the past couple of weeks, and it sucks. It’s fair to say this move was a lot more difficult than I was initially willing to admit.

At this point I’m trying to do as much as I can in the time that I have, and hope that is enough for our life to improve.

One of the reasons web feed tech is so good: reliability.

My site currently doesn’t work in the browser (yay experimenting!) but the RSS feed does. So whether with a feed reader or via apps, my posts are still available.

Enjoy Micro Camp everybody! 🎉

I can’t make it this time but I hope to be available for the next one.

The last item of a batch of adaptations has just been installed. A big step completed in making the new place a better home, much to my relief. 💪

It’s nice to see that Apple is interested in making good computers again.

“Putin the disruptor”

The BBC with a lesson in how to be spineless.

Apple are going to announce the Classical subscription at this event aren’t they.

Glass for iPad looks pretty damn good

The list of strong reasons for replacing the device I sold (to help fund the move) is only growing.

Also, how cool is to see the folks at Glass outline the significant updates they’ve made in the 6 months since launch.

Chatbots as replacements for human customer service agents should be made illegal.