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(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚ M I C R O D O T B L O G

There are times when it is easy for me to forget that the USA is in fact less of a country and more a continent pretending to be a country. Like the EU!

Do you know what I don’t see on my timeline?

#Posts that are #full #of #engaging #content.

It’s pretty fucking cool tbh.

I dislike Twitter threads as a replacement for blog posts and other longform web writing. However, information presented in shorter form can be more accessible, as pointed out by zhenotdelaney. Feels like the web is failing if Twitter is considered so good for this (it is).

I/O and WWDC always look like so much fun… look at all you nerdy people being nerdy. ❤️

I love Star Wars but the fans of Star Wars… ugh seriously so many of you do not deserve it. Assholes.

Must admit that Apple dogfooding Marzipan makes me feel better about the Mac. The apparent neglect of MacOS was one of my biggest concerns and a reason to go full-in on Google; if they back up the apparent improvement in their approach with hardware I’ll definitely reconsider.

Been thinking about WWDC some more… the updates to iOS notifications certainly are interesting. As usual iOS got the best of the updates.

As a potential future Apple user, today’s WWDC was OK… if they balance out the emptiness (honestly there was a lot of padding in there) with both a good week for stuff actually made for developers and a strong end to the year (software and hardware) then it is good news.

All set for WWDC, as I’m sure a lot of folks on here are. May we be here for less than 2 hours. 🙏

In the world of Twitter, a woman will be silenced for posting crime statistics from the FBI.

Seriously, here on if you want to reply to this with “but the good people at Twitter” or any Men’s Rights bullshit, you can fucking miss me. I don’t want it.

Hi GitHub users. 👋

Enjoy networking your code with fellow LinkedIn professionals.

Regards, Microsoft

Suffice to say I am quite jealous of all the WWDC adventures, much like I was of the I/O adventures. Have fun everybody!

I want to oppose Trump BUT the other side shouldn’t be mean to me!

– Idiots Everywhere

God I just love Look at all of you, just… doing things. 💪