Simon Woods

What Needs

The sky is falling on Twitter. Maybe. Probably. Nobody knows for sure but we do know one thing: giants fall, especially on the web.

With that in mind people who at one point or another waved a flag for Twitter and social media in general are beginning to think back to when the web seemed less scattered and fragile, even if it wasn’t actually, and remembering that blogging is a thing! Yes, it still exists, and lots of people do it, and they do it well!

As the shock of that idea settles in your mind and you take a look at let’s also talk about where the platform is lacking, specifically with mainstream social web users in mind – basically, you’re looking to spend less of your time in Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and want to actually replace it with something – and a little about how improvements can be made:

These appear to be the flagpole issues surrounding the idea of as at least some sort of alternative to Twitter and mainstream social media platforms. It is still entirely true that does not exist to replace these platforms for every single person, nor is it likely to ever be that.

However, the more these issues are tackled the more likely people will find to be a viable alternative for exactly that which many people have already embraced it; a place for thoughtful, considerate posting with space for lots of ideas, discussions, and more than supportive of the quick-post culture that initially pushed Twitter into the mainstream of web culture.