Be Counted

In my thirty-five years of teaching college students, I’ve not encountered a generation as dedicated to making the nation better as yours.

Robert Reich has a message for millenials: register and vote

What a damning indictement of our society, that a number of those of us on the older side feel the need to beg for help from the younger generation… that so many people get older and do one of two things: stop bothering or become nastier. We’re calling for more from the people for whom we ought to be making things better.

History will remember the consecutive string of generations for who their selfish needs were more important than making things better for others, despite the fact we had so much of just about everything.

The question is asked, then: what will you do? Will you add to the pile of shame felt by later generations? Or will you become a counter prevailing force to those who pounce upon opportunities presented to them as a result of apathy, to those who bet on people not caring?

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