Simon Woods

What's the point in the independent web?

The firmer I become in my convictions that the independent web is the neccessary alternative to social media, the more likely I am to question that feeling.

Have the silos simply figured it out and we, as a species, inevitably trend to this system?

If so, then the independent alternative is surely a waste of time.

Life should be about people and if all of the people on the web are in the silos, then that is where we should be.

Sure, a bunch of people might reply to this – I have been very lucky to find a great community on, for example – and that might include lengthy replies with fiery disagreements to my conclusions.

But ask yourself: who will read that?

So why are we bothering?

Why do we build against the silos?

What makes the independent web – in its current environment that is hostile to the average user of silos – worth adopting, warts and all?