TIL 1.9.1: Retiring features

After last week’s bundle of new additions, I realised over the following days that there was another part to those changes; the other shoe as it were. Let’s take a look at the release notes to see the complimentary updates:

… not quite so many 🆕 badges, huh.

However the intent, and I hope effect, remain the same. I am making TIL the best possible companion to pair with the official support for Micro.blog and think that role is best fulfilled by providing much more direct, tangible resources. And that no longer includes custom tracking of Micro.blog updates from a third-party perspective.

Between the continued growth of Micro.blog and the team’s official records of updates, you can keep abreast of such news in a few different places. Plus, Manton has recently hinted at providing yet another source of this information.

When it comes to Post Haste, another hint from Manton says more than I really need to. Whilst I am going to publish the last few issues of the special bumper edition The Macro Report, the weekly catch-up log ICYMI will become mostly, if not entirely redundant and so my time is better spent elsewhere.

Overall it’s fair to say that the recent significant events of my personal life – moving home to a completely different part of the country – have inspired my focus in ways that I expected to a certain degree, yet not quite as much as they actually have. I’m excited to see TIL change in these ways because it should be the best companion within context of whatever Micro.blog needs and that’s exactly where my efforts are now focused.

Thanks for reading.

⏤ Simon

Simon Woods @SimonWoods