So. We’re in Cornwall.

It is amazing; even though we’ve only been here together on two occasions, both within the past fourteen months, there is no doubt that Claire and I want little more than to settle in this particular place. The West Country is, truly, exactly where we belong.

And it’s weird, partly because one of the reasons we’re here is so that Claire can attend part one of an interview — we’re both nervous and I have full faith that she will give them no reason other than to offer her the position — and because it is the first time we have ever deliberately taken time out for a break. This is our first holiday together. It’s a short break but when you have not taken one in almost twenty years it feels so very long in the very best way imaginable.

Now, given time away, it has provided me with the chance to prioritise a number of thoughts, ideas, and possibilities that I have been holding back… or rather, I have provided myself with that chance. Isn’t it weird how easy it is to forget that the time we spend is often of our own making?

On top of the many updates due for @TIL, and the shared stories with Claire, I now realise I need to more seriously create space for my long-form blogging. It’s likely that I’ll publish the many thoughts and ideas freed to roam by the break, in an effort to “work-in-public” as I have in the past; a glance at my archives proves that I was once much more open and I can’t deny that many parts of daily life were much better during those times, specifically as relates to my wellbeing and consequent effect on everything around me.

… now that was a ridiculously long sentence.

I’m not sure if future posts will be much like this. I intend to be concise when discussing my ideas and thoughts, although maybe that has also changed recently during my long-form drought? I don’t know…

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