Absence and Changelog

Myself, Claire, and the beasties are moving… again! It’s an exciting opportunity, and this time I am freeing up the appropriate space to make it work well. As such any posting here will be sporadic at best.

On this site:

  • The home page is now a single-page design with plain text info and a navigation menu.
  • Hello is my new page for an introduction to where I am, why, and the best ways to send me a message.
  • Links is my new page for getting quick access to my work and related sites.
  • Now is my new page for my current status.

Elsewhere, I have a new email address that I am using exclusively for speaking to other folks: hi@swoods.net — I am happy to receive any and all messages about anything at all.

Also, I have reactivated my photo blog. This is primarily for the Micro.blog Photoblogging Challenge but I would love to keep the blog up once that is complete, not least because our new home promises to give us easy access to a variety of awe-inspiring locations.

Finally, as a result of the move, the ensuing chaos, and my determination to mitigate the massive potential for health-endangering stress I am also shelving public updates for TIL. The work will continue where I can fit it in — switching to all-laptop computing after almost two years with the desktop should be fun — but I cannot justify fitting unpaid work alongside The Move. As with the photoblogging, I am already impatient to get back to full working status on TIL; especially with regard to the imminent updates.

We’re holding our breath for this move, since it has the potential to be the last time we ever cross county borders for home and as such I cannot wait to get settled into a house in which we can properly commit to an ever-growing list of goals to accomplish and desires to fulfil.

In the meantime I’ll see you on the Micro.blog timeline, via email, or elsewhere on the web. 👋

Simon Woods @SimonWoods