My tech future (part two)

Now a very short way into the future, an update;

  • a basic phone;
  • an MP3 player;
  • [own] maybe a laptop;
  • [own] a few reliable notebooks;
  • [own] a selection of analogue watches;
  • [own] and a camera.

Feeling good about the progress I’ve made, although at that point I already owned a camera. I am also happy to grow my collection of the bottom three items in particular.

To be clear, since I didn’t mention it in my first post these aims are for my personal life in particular. If my work demands use of other hardware and software then I’ll use whatever is needed. Given the increasing capabilities of laptops, I wouldn’t mind if that was all I truly needed for any professional work whilst also giving me the bare necessary access to the digital world I might need for personal use.

Our start to life in Cornwall has been so good that I believe this goal is achievable rather than fanciful, and I look forward to completing the list so that I can put my ideas to the test. That includes expanding on those ideas in some sort of digital public space.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods