Doing better than popular social networks

Vincent asked:

I am still very much of the same opinion that replacing “insert popular social network here” with something more open which behaves and looks very similar… isn’t the way. Maybe just me. Thoughts?

To me, it seems a lot of problems arise for people when they’ve confused their personal issues with systemic social structures.

tbh a lot of the hand-wringing I’ve seen from people tends to not only be inaccurate but 99% of the time just basic projecting with approximately 0 effort applied to introspection from the individual.

And I mean for all social networks. From the moment I started using the web more than 20 years ago.

Could we do better as a group? Yes, of course — this is always true, and the point of existing if we’re being honest about it. However the web changed the entire definition of that idea (“as a group”) and we’re still in the earliest stages of that process; it honestly feels like a lot of the criticism or disillusionment is way too harsh for such an early stage.

(edit: the critique I have for “hand-wringing” I also apply to myself — I am never happy when I fall into this trap and work on removing it from my life as much as I can; our new home already helps)

Simon Woods @SimonWoods