Rambling about health of the MB community

I wrote a short post which I’m half-regretting and was then inspired by the ensuing conversation to waffle on a bit.

I’ve tried to become much more careful when talking about this type of thing, not least because MB is in a bit of an odd place; plenty of people are trying to volunteer but the tools to do so are limited, whilst there is no way to know whether such efforts are going to be bolstered by fully-equipped, paid official help.

Whilst I think there is a lot we in the community can talk about regarding these issues and generally have greater interaction to help foster the best environment possible, I also believe a lot of that particular work won’t be worth much if the team isn’t able to reciprocate in the best way.

This situation might be much better than I believe it to be, and I just haven’t been involved enough with conversations that happen elsewhere — this is mostly how I see it based on the public spaces for the community.

I am looking forward to better conversations about these issues, especially beyond just text and timelines, and hope to see some of my doubts proven wrong.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods