Looking at @pratik’s photos as they go by and super jealous not only of the magnificent shots but also the offline break. 🙌

Yesterday was a good day for @TIL:

  • A new page.
  • Big update to an existing page.
  • This week’s Tip.
  • The fifth issue of ICYMI.
  • More Updates posted than ever, which continues today.

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I wish I was doing more for Micro Camp. Even so @TIL is continuing with… renewed energy. 👀

Couple updates:

… turns out things aren’t as overwhelming as I had thought. 🤦‍♂️

Should I Continue?

Regarding Today I Learned:

The project is currently on hiatus (covered in the latest update). Whilst part of the reason for this is good (the aforementioned move), there is also a negative motivation; my work is currently unsustainable.

What I mean is that I lack the hardware and software to both maintain and grow Today I learned, and have no way to gain those resources. These include but are not limited to:

  • A computer. The iPad isn’t good enough as the only machine.
  • Hosted services. Email, hosted accounts, sharing, storage, publishing.
  • Editing software. Graphics, code, video.

The greater access to these tools, the sooner I can push my ideas into full production across the project.

Whilst this issue might be resolved in the near future (as a result of the move), it is also possible that the change to my family’s life will be so significant that there will be no room at all. Even if I were to be in a much better position to work on Today I Learned, it offers no immediate and obvious route for either earning money directly or in the near future; any potential path for advancing my career ambitions seems to point to a long-term result. There is a great deal of uncertainty here.

I could gain the necessary resources but still choose to put an end to Today I Learned. In this instance I would instead do everything needed to attain paid work of a similar kind (independent, remote, maybe on the web) and use a combination of the existing published work of Today I Learned and the plans that are currently WIP as proof of my abilities in pursuit of said work. On top of that I would also continue to work on other, less ambitious ideas to beef up my body of work.

Given the limited space for me to do this kind of work, to do any sort of work, the time has come for me to make a decision. I am ready to take the next step with regard to ambitions beyond my work as a carer and home-maker. Now the question remains:

Continue with Today I Learned or commit to work in which resources are guaranteed?


A quick update to say that I’m putting Today I Learned on hiatus as of this post. The aforementioned unfinished work will either be published when I return with the project, or will end up in the “what-if” pile.

I’m both excited about what’s to come but also nervous for @TIL. Unfortunately at some point voluntarily-run projects just get out-run by the real world. Oh well, I guess…

Hopefully I’ll be back before I expect but if not, thanks again everybody. It’s been wonderful to see that there are parts of the internet where some people are willing to support some of those lofty ideals from The Before Times.

Perhaps we’ll meet again. :)

Greg’s latest post about logging off has further inspired some recent throughts of my own. I have recently strayed from my efforts to take a better hold of my time from earlier this year. Time to get back on it.

The past week has been… a lot (in a good way!). Unfortunately that meant @TIL took a hit to regular posting but I’m back on it now.

When I say I’m “enjoying Trying”, what I mean to say is that I adore it.

If you like Ted Lasso, you should try Trying. 📺

Enjoying Trying. Great selection of songs, which is made even better by the fact that somebody at Apple had the good sense to maintain a category for the music in their shows.

You have to search for “apple tv” in the app, since apparently Apple hates URLs.

One of the advantages of replies being limited to 280 characters is that people will be less likely to load up the “help” and “manton” accounts with lengthy requests that would fit much better in the forums or via email.

Quick update for @TIL:

Per this announcement, all posts, updates, newsletter issues, and anything else are on hold until the 8th.

Between the weather and an appointment on Friday, this is a good week for a break. I look forward to resuming the gradual reactivation on Tuesday!

Quick reminder regarding @TIL:

  • Today I Learned is back! 🎉
  • Regular post types are returning gradually. 🧑‍💻
  • Pages are being updated on a regular basis. 💪
  • The newsletter is up and running. 😎

… and everyday I am happily working on more. 👀

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iPad regrets

Re: my realisation that the magic keyboard can not make up for iPad OS limitations

At least with my old Windows machine I could brute-force certain things — you know, like you can when you have an actual functioning browser — but on the iPad that’s either not possible or full of so many little catches that it becomes a fool’s errand.

For all of the things I like about this machine, and that list is long in comparison, the fact remains that my old and busted Windows computer was overall a much better computer.

To that end, I agree with Manton’s incredulity regarding price disparity and now wish that I had chosen a Mac of some kind instead of this iPad.