A Plea for Help

Earlier today I put out a short post to ask for help.

Unfortunately my wife and I have discovered that we will be short of money to cover all of our bills this month, and it is making what is an otherwise life-changing event into an all-too familiar ball of stress, anxiety, and frankly, shame.

With that in mind I’m going to step outside of my usual tight-lipped approach and provide a preview of the direct benefit to donating towards my efforts with Today I Learned.

Here are the things your donation can help me make:

  • Guides: The existing Guides will be updated, and more importantly a whole new batch will be published over a short period of time. This will relaunch Guides as a regular post type, including special editions in which related Guides are published over the space of a week.
  • Return to regular posting. Everything from before the break – Tips, Updates, Introducing, Lookup, the recently launched Linked posts, and ICYMI: the weekly catch-up edition of the newsletter – plus the return of The Macro Report.
  • The rest of the special edition of The Macro Report.
  • Reactivation of the Twitter account, with which I’ll make it easier for people outside of to see just how awesome our community is.
  • Further design improvements to the site and Post Haste (the newsletter).
  • Brand new regular post types, starting with a micro-guide that is entirely image-based.
  • A new edition of Post Haste, built around staying updated with urgent events.

… and more. My plans reach well into the future, with everything built on a steady and sustainable timeline. On the Support page I state that I won’t make promises, so this feels even more uncomfortable to write.

However, I hope that highlights just how urgent my current needs have become. You wouldn’t just be helping my family, you would also be securing the path to Today I Learned 2.0. πŸ™

Today I Learned donations

I’ve managed to fit in little bits of work for @TIL here and there during the move. I probably won’t get anything else done for a few days but there is one thing I can share, even though it is a WIP:

The donations for TIL, via Buy Me A Coffee now includes membership options.

Timezone bump for @TIL:

I’ve put Today I Learned on a break. All of my time and energy is being used on moving home.

I have not set a date for bringing TIL back but I will still be around on and spending some of my free time working on future updates for the project.

TIL On a Break

As of today @TIL is on a break, and will return as soon as possible.

The move is all-consuming at this point and I am confident that recent updates have put the project in good enough condition to survive.

I’ll still be about. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Question for @jean: approximately how much alcohol is required to get through all of this moving nonsense. πŸ˜“

Timezone-shifted prompt:

After a busy week on @TIL, the recently named newsletter Post Haste will help you get caught up!

The next issue of ICYMI will be released on Monday. πŸ‘€

Well that was a pretty good week for @TIL.

If you missed it or like getting letters, there is a newsletter for that: Post Haste

I’m writing the next issue of the weekly recap, ICYMI, and it will be out on Monday. πŸ‘€

Welcome to TIL

Hi πŸ‘‹

Today I Learned is the companion and guide, and I am the author.

With @TIL you can find your way around, whether you’re new to the platform or have been here for a while already. You can get hold of different resources; including tips, guides, links, updates, and the weekly edition of the newsletter.

Here are some links to get you started:

I’ll continue to share information and links about TIL but everything you need will always be published either on the site or through one of the external channels.

Welcome to I hope you find the community and the platform as warm and authentic as I have. ☺️

See you on the timeline!

Looking forward to releasing some @TIL updates tomorrow. I nearly pushed the button on a few things early but remembered how much I enjoy adding a bit more polish and publishing with a more intentional approach.

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