Much happier with my site now.

Just need two fixes;

  • the Home menu link doesn’t appear on the Archive page;
  • when changing the name of a category, the site does not automatically reflect that.

I’m confident those issues will be fixed and so, for now, I am all done.

WorkFlowy is my brainstorming space.

It’s so good I often accidentally start using it for other stuff, like task management.

It’s so very good in that it is exceptionally easy to rectify that behaviour by moving items out of the app and into their proper place.

… spending time on Twitter isn’t doing something about the bad stuff.

Sara Winge

I agree with this, for the most part. Any new personal Twitter account(s) from me will be focused, restricted, and have nothing to do with my efforts to improve the world.

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Imagine what a comprehensive, open library could be!

Open Library Vision

Now this is a social network for which I feel good about registering. 📚

You know you’ve listened to a lot of The Talk Show when you see a SodaStream and wonder just how different your life could be with fizzy water at the ready. Thanks, @gruber, I guess.

Never Ending Saga Of The Stupid Conundrum

(I’m getting this bullshit out of my system.)

Potential Twitter set-up:

  • Tiny follow list, mostly read in a RSS reader via Feedbin’s brilliant integration.
  • Everything else followed via lists, with the Pinned Lists feature in the first-party app.

As far as settings go, that depends on how the above works out. If I end up following a larger group of people than intended (for example, if the pinned lists and RSS integration don’t work well, as I’m sure Twitter would prefer) there will be no retweets in my timeline, I’ll constantly keep the chronological option switched on, and will maintain a significant list of filters.

I love third-party apps but am convinced they’re not long for this world. Honestly, even with this specific set-up the whole point is to make it easier to stay away from the empty-headed, addictive use of a platform that is designed specifically to inspire that behaviour. As such, I’ll have time limits in place, which is a big part of my life anyway what with having more than one job and actual responsibilities with actual consequences if they aren’t fulfilled.

Oh, and if you’re reading this and follow me over there please don’t be offended if I don’t [pound-sign]FollowBack. That’s just now I use these things and that is unlikely to ever change.

OK. Let’s see if that has flushed this nonsense from my mind, at least in its current state of heistant wreckage.

Solving the Conundrum

Lately I continue to think about my social network conundrum.

I have wittled down my indecision to just Twitter. It’s easy enough for me to draw the line with regard to personal use of the other big social networks, at least for now.

All that’s left at this point is to weigh the effort of maintaining a non-terrible experience against losing the good people who are exclusive to that platform. Even with RSS, awesome smaller networks like that of, and newsletters the fact remains that a number of people are fun to follow blogging-wise and they do so exclusively on Twitter.

This is an issue I would like to resolve, at least for the foreseeable future. To some extent it is a waste of my time, a distraction, and not the good kind. This is exactly what I am determined to avoid as much as possible.

Anyway. Blogging about blogging. I’m super fucking original that way.

Neither is it for the weak in Spirit. For, being Black in America oftentimes means living in and loving a country, that does not love us back. You may take exception to my premise but you cannot discount my experience.

LeVar Burton