ProtonMail’s calendar is now in beta. This a piece of software for which I would be willing to drop Fantastical, and Fantastical is one of my favourite apps.

Days since last Facebook scandal

One for your bookmarks. A reminder that no amount of good things people get from Facebook should make us ignore the far-reaching damage it is doing to our species.

It’s like smoking cigarettes and pretending that’s a fine thing to do.

I thought Keybase looked like a good idea. I noticed people on getting excited about it.

This post has changed my mind.

It appears Chris Coyne and Max Krohn are yet another pair of tech bros who haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing.

Students had arrived legally in the US on student visas, but the school they were lured into was a fake creation of DHS agents, so they lost their immigration status. Now ICE is deporting them on that basis.

via Julia Salazar

What do you think, for @til;




I’m going to stop posting for now. It’s too difficult to post to my blog in a way that isn’t clunky and feels time-consuming.

I’ll continue to post updates related to @til and if there is any other update worth sharing but my regular blogging is stopping until it’s easier.


People Will Not Join Your New Social Network

We should be careful before copying everything from Twitter.

Manton Reece, The way out

Manton had more to say about this today and I agree with him. Whether those of us who are driven in any way by ideological motives like it or not, the fact remains that copy-pasting functionality from the existing behemoths is a complete waste of time.

Why would anyone bother with your new thing if it just does what the existing thing does, only with fewer people? That is not an effective way to motivate people and we’re never going to change anything if we fail to understand how people are motivated to make changes in their lives.

Reminders for Microblogvember:

  • Just post once per day with the prompt word.
  • Hashtags are irrelevant.
  • Keywords are irrelevant.
  • Longer posts are OK.
  • There are a few spare days if you start late.