It’s always gratifying to see creative work become the catalyst for more work. Determined to hit my mark with @til this week.

When you break things up, you do this because you want to update things idenpenent of each other.

– Eivind Hjertnes, Micro arcitecture

Eivind is talking about this as a developer but this strategy has worked well for me in general. Work, hobbies, and more.

I’m looking back on this month of updates and just wow @manton, @macgenie, and @cheesemaker you should all be god damned proud having delivered that collection of features all in the space of a few weeks, especially on the back of such a productive summer. 👏🏻

A very late night working on @til is much more enjoyable than feeling bad about not working on the project. The community just makes everything easier. 🌟🙌🏻❤

CGP Grey was locked out of his YouTube account – you know, the thing that literally defines his career – and the reason given was because it tripped up the YouTube robots on the condition of:

Impersonation of CGP Grey

Mark off another win for silos, I guess.

twitter is not a good platform for discourse

Sarah Z

Lack of clarity and context is best for shallow, lightweight statements. Got something big to say as part of a possibly public discussion? Post it to your blog.

Regarding my contact details

Quick technical note: I have changed my email address.

My details can be found on my contact page, meanwhile the following addresses do not work:

I have saved all messages for ongoing conversations and will be replying from my new address in the next reply of the conversation.

I will also soon have a new address via my custom domain but my current address – – will be the source of that, so all messages on that address will be unaffected by the custom domain change.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this update. I hope that Protonmail can remain viable for a long time.

An incoming Harvard freshman, a 17 year old Palestinian boy, had his visa cancelled & was deported because US officials searched his phone/laptop & said his friends had social media posts that were critical of the US.

Sana Saeed

The US will no longer attract the best.

More than two years of an “indiscriminate iPhone attack”, centring on both websites and Safari. I know native apps aren’t perfectly safe but stuff like this is why it can be difficult to be pro-web. Who has time to worry about this stuff when you can just use apps?

Replies on

A reply to the ongoing discussion about replies

Going back to at least earlier this year it seemed like the limit on replies was going to be shortened, or at least that was the plan, and if that does happen at any point then all of a sudden the whole “let’s start a conversation” dynamic is much different; perhaps people would be more inclined to take such conversations elsewhere (messaging services, email, physical space, etc) and so the value of the short-reply conversation (micro-convo if you will) stands alone.

There’s a chance with only short replies allowed that replies themselves will take on more of their own identity, and a core part of that will be the shorter replies themselves. Then they would be not just something that is so easily considered clutter. However, I do agree with Smokey that these issues could be better solved via timeline filtering, of which there is already a foundation (filtering out mentions to people you do not follow) and as compared to introducing a “like” system is much less likely to fundamentally alter the entire platform.

I also like John’s idea of “disappearing likes." It reminds me of how Snapchat first became popular due to disappearing posts, except this could serve as less destructive version of “likes” in general.

Overall when it comes to cluttered timelines I’m not at all convinced that introducing a reply-wide change to the system is the best way to go, since it feels too much like shoving something on everybody because some people think of short replies as clutter. For those who do think this way, have you considered using RSS in conjunction with I find it’s easier to get at the exact posts you want this way, rather than looking to turn the conversation host ( into something fundamentally different.

Right now replies definitely need some updates and I think this is one of the issues that ought to be addressed. Personally, as somebody outside of the Apple ecosystem I feel there are bigger problems; even short replies are hard work when it comes to just using the web but I think updates to the replies feature across all systems would be a great upgrade for as a whole.