I was not involved in the wider web, the world of blogs, or the tech hobbyist communities of the pre-social media days. Yet, whenever I read Aaron Swartz' site I continue to feel deep rage that he was murdered.

His words should be published in print, and preserved in general.

Perhaps Procter & Gamble doesn’t care of their making us into a nation of fat slobs, but there’s no reason why programmers and the rest of the startup world need to be so amoral.

β€” Aaron Swartz, Everything Good is Bad For You

Small networks, large web.

… mainstream levels of ease of use …

β€” Jason Becker, on his blog

When I read the words “mainstream levels of ease of use” all I can think about is The Good Place:

There’s something so human about taking something great, and ruining it a little so you can have more of it.

To me, the idea of the big social web and the silos and convenience and everybody on the web altogether… it all just feels like that quote.

Perhaps I’m too cynical but I don’t want to see people throw their lives away for this anymore. The web, open and decentralised, can handle virality and all of that; let the networks be smaller, more secure, and given closer attention by actual humans with an emphasis on effort and care as can be seen in smaller physical communities.

It’s Micro Monday! My pick for this week is our beloved community manager, @jean, who amongst about a million other things is currently leading the charge of this year’s edition of the Microblogvember challenge.

You can play along with this and other challenges via @challenges.

I have had difficulty working on @TIL. The majority of that stems from my life, and that of my family, being in an extended phase of that which I can only sum up as Everything All At Once.

What does not stop me is worrying about how many Followers or Likes I have. It’s nice.

Trying out the free version of Bike, with an eye on replacing Workflowy.

I’ve found that outlining has been much more useful for me to work through ideas as opposed to discreet note-taking, at least digitally.

The current emergency in Shetland is exactly why I’ve come to draw a cynical eye towards not just digital but specifically web-dependent technology.

Our societal infrastructure should not be so dependent on this technology and we should not remove analogue resources.

The recent updates to ActivityPub on are further proof of the strength of the non-silo approach; separate networks, working together, with zero ambition to trap people and harvest them for the skeevy ad-tech industry.