I give a thumbs-down to any “lifetime” subscription that costs less than 10× the annual plan, and even then I’m skeptical.

— Gruber, Mercury Weather 1.0


… the authors speculate that the therapy led to a “rebooting of the immune system”.

— Ian Sample, The Guardian

T-cell therapy sounds amazing.

For those who don’t know: many health professionals have zero knowledge of autoimmune conditions. That’s how little we know.

re, Needless ratings

Do you know what happens when we buy something from our local shops?

  • we finish the purchase
  • there might have been chatter, depending on how busy all involved are
  • and then we get back to the rest of our day

… it’s like we’re human beings or something 🤯

When it comes to technology, my knowledge largely comes from my lack of fear over trying new things and pressing buttons just to see what they do.

— Patrick Rhone, Handy

It always feels good to discover that your approach to something you care about is shared by others.

Gruber’s latest post regarding the new version of the Mac’s System Settings and SwiftUI made me immediately think about @manton’s insistence that Apple should have chosen to further improve development of their existing technologies.

Change for the sake of change is never good.