Google Tasks is a new to-do list app

The ramp up to I/O continues apace. It’s about time they released this as a stand-alone app, separate from Calendar. Although integration with email would be good, assuming it’s not included.

In the last few years, Google has also made emoji worker characters less gender specific and included a range of skin tone options. Some believe those changes, like theΒ water pistol, were politically motivated.

Google improves emoji

A Google update centred around podcasts

  • New podcast functionality in Search and Assistant.
  • Podcasts can be played directly from search results, and accessed across multiple devices.
  • Subscriptions and downloads can also be managed within the Google app.

Something that early employees (and investors) argued to me when I was reporting out that story was that Flickr would have been Facebook if not for Yahoo’s mismanagement.

Mat Honan