Top 5 Android P Features!

MBKHD, my favourite tech pundit, goes over the changes in the developer version of the next major update to Android. I like a lot of what I’m seeing here, especially with the continued hardening of security.

I recently spoke about how good the slack is. It’s being awesome yet again after David Shanske, one of the developers of the IndieWeb WordPress plugins has joined in. David is also on Hi @dshanske! 👋

Part 1.b of improving my health: my skin does not react well to the material the Flex is made of. Oh well, I’ll get to testing out other Fitbit options in the future.

Micro Monday? How about the slack. It’s more than a simple source of help; different members of the community are in there, passionate about, and often willing to enjoy a good chat.

Between @vishae, @matigo, and myself all talking about new homes I think we need a Moving Club where we can all vent about things, heh. Actually, maybe a hashmoji will do… 🏠🏡🏘️

Wavelength for

I can’t use the app (hi 👋 third-party devs) but native support for microcasts is just the right opportunity for people like me, having stopped short of producing audio.

Bravo, Manton. 👏

Why I Don't Use Twitter

I recently talked about my discontent with Twitter, having been on-and-off again with the whole thing for years. Not only has that feeling intensified since joining a few months ago but it has in fact thoroughly swung into the off part of the cycle, which has happened before now only I did not have the same stable set-up that is now available to me when it comes to my own site and other blogging.

I have more to say about exactly what it is that I am doing but now is not the time for it. Instead, this is why I’m leaving my Twitter account as an archive and withdrawing entirely from it:

  1. Incompetent product development: leaders who are either unwilling or incapable of curtailing the foul parts of their service, from abuse through to soulless spam and the intersection therein.
  2. Hostile product development: a first-party environment that is all about using you up for advertisers with very little reward.
  3. Inferior product: the alternative, whether via IndieWeb initiatives and ideas built with open standards in mind (such as or simply using RSS readers for consumption and email for feedback, are made with the idea that using the web is a good thing and should not be punitive.

As such I’ll be here, with updates and all sorts of other activity forthcoming.

Goodbye Twitter, and hello 👋