Normal people need help setting up a blog-centred website whilst retaining a decent level of control and ownership. Unfortunately indie developers generally don’t have the ability to truly help. However, @manton is, with He’s my Micro Monday. 👏

I wonder if @gruber has seen the latest pop-up based bullshit from Medium. Coercing people to create an account with “Hey, you’ve come back to us so let’s make it official.” and other such phrasing is bad enough but to push it via pop-up is gross.

I am full of 👏 for the beginning to this week’s atp. Siracusa on fire.

I’m still thinking about Patriot. The pace of each episode is careful, one of the reasons it continues to resonate. 📺

This week on Micro Monday I want to talk about @Verso, who opens up rabbit holes, asks questions that stay with me long after reading them on the tl, and really really gives no shits about being honest. +1 would recommend ✨

Bring It in 2018

This has been delayed, which is obvious, but I’m still determined to have basic goals for the year; they’re not resolutions and not even the start of what it is that I am particularly determined to add to my life, but it is at least the start of something.

I was inspired to make this after watching a recent Vlogbrothers video by John Green:

Thanks John!

It’s a basic list for simplicity – this site is a new start, and I am determined to join with it a fresh and clean approach.

  • Read more stories.
    • Be it books, on the web, on paper, anything so long as it is a non-news story.
  • Find good sources for news.
    • I prefer small collections of varied sources and am comfortable paying for quality where possible.
  • Write for this site everyday.
    • Even if I don't publish everyday (although I do want to get at least one 30-day stretch in at some point).

I’ll be keeping track of myself with the blog, which works especially well because of its presence within the third item; this is especially great with (thanks Manton!), since the service provides the exact thing I have missed from social networks: a blend of independence, an environment in which focus is both attainable and encouraged, and most importantly of all a desire that the space in which we all wish to share with each other (the web) is in fact a good space.

Let's go.

As @becky says appears to be getting quite the New Years bounce. It’s especially encouraging to see so many people talking about the urge to write more, especially for fun.

Bravo, @manton!

British Civility and the Lack Thereof

From @cole007:

This is perhaps the problem of party politics, where tribalism, allegiance and blind loyalty become the driving force of conversation; centralised dogma determining localised decision making and messaging rather than debate, dialogue and legitimate representation. (via The problem with Corybynism)

The lack of civility in British civics is perhaps the most glaring symptom of a society that is fractured. This is the underlying problem; we can’t even begin to work together to maintain and improve vital public services (thus better securing the lives of our most vulnerable citizens) if we can’t even agree to simply talk to one another.