I have a Mac now.

It is 11 years-old.

My 2016-HP Windows PC fails in comparison.

… touché, Mac nerds.

When we’ve fully moved in, I’ll be happy to never seen another train in my life.

Apple Maps updated design 👍

Apple Maps info (still) 👎

I either want a minimalist phone or the latest iPhone Pro Max. There is nothing in between.

I was Today Years Old when I learned that you cannot manage contact groups on an iPhone.

Every single time I think “bah I don’t want a new phone I’m all anti-digital addiction” I then immediately come across a reminder of just how good these devices are as video cameras.

For my life, that’s where the real value can be found.

If you can hear god laugh it’s because I’m making plans.

I now have an inkling of life with only a phone for a computer.

How anybody lives in this hell I’ll never know.

Maybe Apple should introduce a Trusted Payment Program for the likes of Stripe and Paypal as a way to stop- oh… well, never mind!


Reminders for my future self, when I have disposable income:

  • This was very difficult.
  • Lots of people in your own country, let alone the world, carry these problems all of the time.
  • Be as generous as possible.
  • Ignore shallow distractions with your money.
  • Always support indies.

Tomorrow is the day I’m going to sell the iPad Pro.

Once we settle into the new place, I’ll return to the old and busted all-in-one Windows machine for as long as it’ll work. 😂

On the plus side, it’s better ergonomically and I can return to a full-sized keyboard and mouse.

It’s fair to say they are having… mixed reactions to the move 😂