I wish the house moving companies were as good at communicating as the pet moving services 😬

A micropub just opened in our new town πŸ‘€

It’s always interesting to see people who like to talk about how they’re “sad to leave” even though they can make the choice to stay.

If I can choose to not be sad, I will always choose to not be sad.

After we move I’m going to set aside time for work in the community, local activism, etc.

I’ll share this on my blog, inspired by other folks on, and hope to see even more of such posts.

It is very easy to site on the sidelines and opine. Much harder to do the work.

Lots of train travel = time for catching up on sleep + time for working on TIL

This was lunchtime today. 10/10 would recommend

A log on the edge of a pond, surrounded by trees.

En route to Claire’s new job. This place really is something else…

A wooded area, with a stream and natural footpaths.

I’ve managed to fit in little bits of work for @TIL here and there during the move. I probably won’t get anything else done for a few days but there is one thing I can share, even though it is a WIP:

The donations for TIL, via Buy Me A Coffee now includes membership options.

The big announcements from the MacStories team are fantastic. I especially enjoy seeing RSS getting so much attention.

Timezone bump for @TIL:

I’ve put Today I Learned on a break. All of my time and energy is being used on moving home.

I have not set a date for bringing TIL back but I will still be around on and spending some of my free time working on future updates for the project.

TIL On a Break

As of today @TIL is on a break, and will return as soon as possible.

The move is all-consuming at this point and I am confident that recent updates have put the project in good enough condition to survive.

I’ll still be about. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Not renewing Apple Music. Going back to my local library, with possible sharing if there is a good enough service (I have an iTunes Match sub at the minute).

My primary tactic is to save up for a good file player, probably from Sony, and no longer rely on the internet.

Question for @jean: approximately how much alcohol is required to get through all of this moving nonsense. πŸ˜“

Timezone-shifted prompt:

After a busy week on @TIL, the recently named newsletter Post Haste will help you get caught up!

The next issue of ICYMI will be released on Monday. πŸ‘€

Well that was a pretty good week for @TIL.

If you missed it or like getting letters, there is a newsletter for that: Post Haste

I’m writing the next issue of the weekly recap, ICYMI, and it will be out on Monday. πŸ‘€

First batch for months. The dark times are over. 😌

Four new bags of coffee, on top of a kitchen counter.

Looking forward to releasing some @TIL updates tomorrow. I nearly pushed the button on a few things early but remembered how much I enjoy adding a bit more polish and publishing with a more intentional approach.

Related: I love how much control you can have on the web.