It’s not about the app or the service or the platform.

It’s about what you want to do.

I’m starting to realise the extent of power in productivity apps on iOS, and more importantly the ways in which they can help to balance out the seriously compromised web browser.

Latest example: Anybuffer, which I’ve just added to my iPad.

I keep seeing people asserting with great confidence that:

  • blogging = inconvenient
  • and social media = convenient.

I disagree.

I suppose “Follow” being used for podcasts in place of “Subscribe” makes perfect sense in a world full of “Content” and “Creators” and “Influencers”.

Gonna send some emails over the next few days.

… no, I cannot possibly justify the cost of HEY so it’ll be from good old ProtonMail. 😂

I just took an interactive quiz to test my readiness for a degree in computer science. Aced it, loved it, and annoyed at myself for rushing into dropping those 4 points.

It might not happen as quickly as I would like (TBD) but I’ve got my plan set for getting this degree. 💪


The “whole of Britain” is in fact not concerned with events regarding the royal family.

Many of us have actual lives to live.

I made a Discord server last year for people on Since the service for is currently a little unreliable, I re-upped the invite link: <>

Been re-watching some Steve Jobs videos. Palate cleanser.

Every single time somebody opposes Google by saying “use a different Chromium browser” the people making decisions at Google get a bump in their bonus pay.

What a clever trick they’ve pulled on seemingly attentive and capable people.

My favourite thing about Hey so far is the degree to which it’s encouraging people to think about alternatives to big social media.

I wish Fried had not declared blogging to be difficult due to having to choose a system or whatever. As if paying $100 per year for email is “easy”.

I see the “lifetime” label for subscriptions has come back to bite the Weather Line devs on the arse.

No doubt the people who are angry will choose to only direct their ire at the indie devs, rather than the massive platform.

If the folks at Proton can offer a free product, which I assume is possible at least in part due to the business made with the paid product, does that mean Hey will also be available for free one day?

  • Apple Music subscription expires tonight ->
  • Tomorrow I rebuild and finish the reclaimation of my library ->
  • I can then properly sync my iPod with playlists and all ->
  • Choose a day to find the best hardware player (first thought is Sony).

Love the iPod but it’s a dead product.