The problem with using a computer a lot is that it is easy to forget how to set something down.

This activity is what enables us to find the right state for focus on any number of tasks.

It’s OK if you leave your computer, whatever form it takes. Nothing bad will happen.

November by Max Richter (from Memoryhouse) is a piece of music I could listen to at any time of the day. 🎶

Tip: Listen to all of Daft Punk. At least the studio albums.

All adults being offered the vaccine by August proves that centralised government still has an important role to play in our democracy. However, it’s more important than ever that every concerned citizen does more than just get angry on the internet about our collective failings.

I’m spending this weekend setting up a new system for using my computers. It’s time for me to both strip things down where needed and have an actual considered approach to this; with greater intention I believe I can finally lay the technology foundation for my healthier lifestyle.

We just think that surfing the web with a decent screen and physical keyboard is simply more productive and comfortable.

The folks at Mudita are saying the right things. The Pure phone looks promising but I’m definitely waiting for reviews before even considering it.

The Stages of Joining

  1. What even…
  2. Oh this is nice…
  3. But it’s missing this…
  4. Actually wow this is really nice…
  5. … turns out it doesn’t really need that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(much later: … wow where did all these hobbies come from)

Yelling and lecturing at people to not use Facebook is about as useful as posting your political opinion.

That Revue acquisition by Twitter is a surprisingly slick move. Certainly adds food for thought when it comes to considering new projects that best suit the “largest audience possible” strategy.

Password security is far too important to me to be so easily swayed by how cheap the software might be. I also understand this is often not a simple choice; it wasn’t that long ago that we could never dream of even a single recurring subscription for anything.

If people could stop posting photos of their reMarkable tablet, that’d be great.

Each day I’m getting closer to having dedicated time set aside for blogging and project work. The three-month hiatus was necessary and I’m finally near where I was, from a mental and physical perspective, at this time last year. 💪

Hostile language might feel good to use in the moment. But it doesn’t convince anybody to do anything constructive.

If you’re going to make a point, why not do it well.

I hate how easily we excuse the shitty behaviour of other people.

The thing about living with pets; you never know where they’ll appear.

Cat lying on a dining chair, revealed by a lifted tablecloth.

I’ve reached my limit on dealing with website pop-ups. The moment it appears, I leave the website and lose all interest in whatever was published.

This is for all types of pop-ups. Absolutely obnoxious nonsense.

I understand that Signal is safer than SMS. However, it is such a shame that they have yet to develop a way for you to keep your phone number hidden.

We’re relieved that she approves of the new furniture, in enough comfort to drape her paw thus.

Cat lying in a cat-bed, attached to a wall.