• staying informed and live-blogging collective misery are not the same thing;
  • if you’re un-well you are not at your full capacity to help other people;
  • you will not regret having spent less time feeling miserable because of the fucking internet.


Looking at my local gyms. If I could just rent out a treadmill that’d be great…

If you are cloned, take a photo of yourself with some official ID and email Facebook

– advice from Jake Moore, security specialist at anti-virus company ESET

I loathe the degree to which so much of our society has surrendered its power to shitty companies.

I would, without hesitation, pay an extra $60 each year if Apple made it possible for Marco Arment to make Overcast a good app on the Watch.

As each day passes I feel less secure in my position that Apple is the easy recommendation for most people with regard to tech in general. If they’re going to use Sign in with Apple as a weapon then its primary virtue is no longer as a competitor on the web.

The big design update for the Mac sure as shit doesn’t look like it would be right on a multi-thousand dollar computer.

Right now I am happy with my tech set-up. An alternative scenario involves something I trialled over the summer, wherein I limit my exposure to the web:

  • a computer (iPad Pro/laptop of some kind)
  • a simple phone
  • analogue watch

Got my back-up plan set. 👍

Previously: People use control of their computers to make the web work in the way they want.

Now: Companies use control of the web to ruin people’s computers.

I’ve finally hit the very last stop on my interest in celebrity politics. For the record, it was seeing the tweet from my Prime Minister in which he promoted his LinkedIn profile.

I’m out. 👋

The lack of search in every blog continues to be a big mark against the open web. It’s frustrating to know that there was a post you now really want to find but the blog doesn’t have search built into it.

It’s even worse when there is also no good archive.

I love autumn but I think the size of the seasonal change – from generally hot to cold – has a larger impact on me than I ever remember. And I mean beyond basic physical effects, straight to the point where suddenly it’s time for some existential thoughts.

If we could throw “follow-back” culture into a deep pit, that’d be grand.

A bland life is not worth living. If you’re going to have an opinion, actually have a fucking opinion.

We are people, with flaws all over the place, not some stupid corporation with work-shopped statements.

If you have something to say, feel free to just say it.

How To Make Twitter Bearable

  1. Delete your account.
  2. Delete the app.
  3. Do something better with your time.

Every single time you use any part of Facebook

Every time you use Instagram

Every time you use WhatsApp

You contribute to the denial of the Holocaust

I have done this but I cannot do it any longer. I cannot live with myself if I do this.

For @kimberlyhirsh and all of us:

You be you.

Don’t concern yourself with work or “being productive” to the point where your health is comprimised.

Whatever you need to do to make it through these troubled times; do that.

Don’t forget to love each other. 💙