Let’s see what happens

With the new editor in Sunlit

That’s pretty nice!

Somebody needs to tell me why I shouldn’t be using the iOS beta. 😬

If somebody could find a way to oblterate the “slack bot”, that’d be great. Piss off, Clippy.

It’s weird that we don’t talk about Aaron Swartz anymore.

One of the things I’ve been delaying is setting up my own server. Getting to the point where the cost is becoming out-weighed by the likely benefits. πŸ‘€

The physical form of the 11-inch iPad Pro is to laptops as the original iPhone SE to phones. 🀀

Happy with the completion of my new set-up. 😎

The heat as finally returned to a reasonable level. 😌

If Mozilla falls apart, and Firefox inevitably follows suit, I genuinely don’t know what I’ll do. Using Edge is pointless if it’s just a less good Chromium browser.

Rarely as crestfallen when realising that smart people make a podcast together for the mainstream but the feed is inevitably corrupted by the presence of other, less compelling individuals.

The ADVERT biggest ADVERT problem ADVERT with ADVERT Instagram ADVERT and ADVERT silos ADVERT in ADVERT general ADVERT is ADVERT that ADVERT they ADVERT can ADVERT be ADVERT difficult ADVERT to ADVERT read ADVERT.


The fall of Mozilla would be a huge blow to the open web. For many people, the internet would become even more synonymous with the silos whilst stand-alone websites would lose further ground on the app-centric model.

This would be terrible but not that surprising.

The new custom reply feature on Twitter looks good. Between this and the feature for limiting who can reply, there is now a more accurate reflection of the conversation-based potential of the platform in the reply feature set itself.

Imagine have the utter lack of shame to call yourself a journalist of any stripe and then go on to chase migrants in boats.

I am no longer blogging about things that are going to happen and choose instead to blog about things that have happened.

I remember disagreeing with @adamprocter during the last World Cup re: VAR in football.

Turns out he was right and I was wrong. The technology and the system in which it exists might be a good idea in theory but it is a long way from being ready, if it ever will be. ⚽

One of the things I’ve come to understand and accept about myself is just how intolerant I am of advertising. I mean, in general, since the examples of good advertising are in such a minority of the media ecosystems.

I even have memories of disliking it as a child. πŸ˜‚

There is an underlying global issue that enables the devastation wrought by COVID-19 and other such diseases:

An entirely sub-par infrastructure throughout all of our society.

If any idea or proposal fails to address this then they are utterly worthless words.

I thought I could stomach having accounts with FACEBOOK from a pragmatic POV; I was wrong.

For the people in my life with whom I have communicated via this platform (including the likes of Instagram and WhatsApp): we’ll stay in touch in other ways.