Did blogs fade from prominence because they did not have a sufficently attractive “app for that”?

From 2005-10 (ish) was there a “Twitter app for blogs” alternative, such as, Mastodon, 10Centuries, and (other than just Tumblr)

Lina Khan has her Twitter account set to private – for which I am not surprised and yet that fact does speak volumes about the state of discourse on the web – but her website is up and running perfectly fine.

One of the issues unquestionably brought to light by the Tech Ceo Hearing is the horrific state of the advertising industry, especially on the web.

This industry should also be a priority target of regulators and other relevant parts of the government.

  1. News of US economy tanking.
  2. Timed release of Super Controversial Opinion from POTUS.
  3. Entire media ecosystem eats up the second point, whilst basically ignoring the first.
  4. Destruction of democracy continues unhindered.

Boom… as somebody once said.

Of course Apple sold more of the iPad compared to this time a year ago; they made it more like a computer. πŸ˜‡

Seeing random people use their access to the web to stake their reputation on defense of massive corporations is a hell of a thing.

Vine in maintenance mode > every version of Twitter for the past 3 years

Increased tax… I thought the Tories didn’t want to “nag people.”

Spent a bunch of time trying to set-up my Proton email with Thunderbird, only to eventually discover that there is a bug.

Nothing in the Thunderbird app or on the relevant parts of the Protonmail website have even a hint that there is a known problem.


Saw a lot more people wearing masks today, even outside of shops, and that was on a brief trip.

When you might think that nobody pays attention to the law, to the government, and to the news just remember that people are often very good at filtering what they consider important.

Whenever I see and hear people maintaining narrow taste in music I just feel sad. I can’t imagine discarding entire genres based on a small set of samples. Music is so much more than just a handful of artists per genre.

One of the things I wish we could take back as a result of the web: Hype culture. I much prefer being unaware of when something is being made until it is actually done. Release dates, months-long campaigns of hype, and a laser focus on the process are all bad for our culture.