Whenever I see and hear people maintaining narrow taste in music I just feel sad. I can’t imagine discarding entire genres based on a small set of samples. Music is so much more than just a handful of artists per genre.

One of the things I wish we could take back as a result of the web: Hype culture. I much prefer being unaware of when something is being made until it is actually done. Release dates, months-long campaigns of hype, and a laser focus on the process are all bad for our culture.

I hope likes, dislikes, +, -, up-voting, down-voting, or any other form of general button-based metric operator never comes to I remain convinced they do little more than poison the public well of discourse.

I forgot how much I like Things. A great example of how much of the appeal of iOS is derived from third-party apps.

Any parent who seriously says “Schools should re-open ASAP.” needs to immediately be investigated for child neglect and abuse.

I don’t know if it is the fault of Apple, Mozilla, or a combination of both but the fact that “Open in Store” links do not work from Firefox on iOS is one of a number of reasons why the very concept of iOS browsers is laughable.

Ah, system-debilitating pending updates. To think I almost missed you, Windows.

Adblockers are a bad solution that only serve to further distract us from reaching the best solutions.

One of my favourite things about

Manton Reece doesn’t waste his time constantly rambling on about silos. Instead, he makes considered, clear statements as to his opinion, within the context of his philosophy, on an irregular basis…

… and then gets back to work.

More than a day since I got the big PC up and running again. Still much relieved to be back onboard, yet have noticed something: between my time going iPad-only and then iPhone + Watch-only for a short time, I think I’m better prepared to see if the Mac is better than Windows.

Using an actual desktop-class browser again is like re-growing limbs.

It feels good to be back at my desktop, with the best keyboard, the best mouse, and a machine capable of everything I want to do with it. 😁

Good news β€” the PC fits into the reorganised utility room!

We’re currently in the midst of a number of simultaneous mini-renovations, including the gardens. I’m hopeful that we can fit the big PC back into the office-turned-utility room. Turns outβ„’ the desktop set-up is ingrained into my working mindset.

First post via the web app on a computer for many weeks… πŸ‘€