I wonder if would work well as an internal blogging tool. Specifically for small groups such as local government and indie companies. 🤔

I’m starting to think that showing up once every 4-5 years to have an opinon might not be the best approach to fulfilling ones civic duty.

Not sure we can call them “Conservatives” anymore with spending like that.

As I’m trying to use most websites less often (they are generally terrible, in every way), I’m finding it difficult to work out where to go for answers to certain questions.

For example: can iCloud preserve full-res photos?

This is why Twitter continues to be useful.

Pending OS updates slowing down the browser is exactly the type of thing that makes me want to use my Windows computer less often. The iPad has never done such a thing, and this is the old version of the least capable model!

👋 to the non-US micronauts out there! Hope everybody has had, or will have a good day! 🙌

One of my new conditions for working on a project, especially as an indie:

No public deadlines.

Wish more indie developers would sign their web apps. It doesn’t feel good when I have to go trawling through social media sites to find a name behind a service. In fact, it gives off an evasive vibe; like, why don’t you want me to know who built this thing?

Looking forward to the day Google kills Blogger and the resulting deluge of takes declaring that “Blogging Is Dead.”

Got my first pair of Audio-Technica headphones today. So far, so good. 👍

Maybe we could have a sub-timeline on just for politics.

That way I can more easily ignore it, thus avoiding the urge to poke myself in the eye with a fire iron.

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.

– Maurice Switzer; Mrs. Goose, her book

All better than arguments on the internet;

  • hydrating;
  • fresh air;
  • reading;
  • face-to-face conversations, whether physical or digital.

Talking past one another contributes nothing constructive to the world and is in fact more likely to ruin somebody’s mental health.

Working on @til makes me happy. Missed my own deadline (for returning to full activity) but still excited about the various things I’m lining up for imminent release.

This always makes me feel better. So very grateful to have found and everybody therein. 😊

Looks like Automattic got rid of the annoying GDPR page cover on Tumblr.