Hi 👋

If you’re looking at the reply box to an announcement from a software developer, and they have in fact not made that one update you care about it is okay to say absolutely nothing.

It’s extraordinarily easy to say nothing at all!


huh… can’t publish image-only posts from the Mac app. I thought this was an older issue that had since been resolved 🤔

It is past time to stop talking to random people on the internet about serious issues.

Especially if you encounter these people on algorithmically-designed networks with ad-driven business models.

There is nothing to be done here. Nothing to be improved.

So don’t do it.

Seeing more instances of people asking a question on, including a cross-post to Twitter, and within a day there are half a dozen replies on whilst after several days there are zero replies on Twitter.

It’s great to see stand on its own feet.

A messaging app;

  • mentions only;
  • layered thread design;
  • reply-all;
  • auto-fill usernames;
  • mark as read/unread;
  • save reply for later;
  • optional limit on own reply length;
    • copy reply and jump into full app of choice to create full blog post;
  • optional “sent with” link.

If we truly care about serious issues I’m afraid we’ll have to do more than just post on the internet about it.

They really shouldn’t call it a mute switch whilst also bragging about how advanced the haptic engine has become.

That I am taken by surprise when playing my music locally at the instantaneous nature of the playback is a poor reflection on the various mega-corps and their streaming technology. The slow performance of that streaming had become something to which I had attuned.

The rain is here. The temperature has dropped. Cool air is passing through the house and it feels so, so good.

heatwave + clean bathroom + cold shower + coffee = pure joy

I am working on TIL 2.0, like I’ve mentioned a few times now, but I am also working on 1.9.8. I’m enjoying the process of making the current version the best it can be, even as I’m able to make progress on the new version.

You Know You’ve Been On The Internet For A While When:

  • you instinctively use Select All + Copy before posting something

I took the right week for a break from publishing TIL 🥵

I use iA Writer for writing @TIL. It is the core of text creation for the entire project.

So… uh, that iA Writer 6 is out(!) and now includes wikilinks? Well that makes my current publishing break that much more timely 🤯

(also: autocompletion for hashtags 👍)

Seeing people engage in the same miserable, moaning, repetitive dialogue about other social platforms is not exactly encouraging when I think about

I have done this myself, and am attempting to no longer fall prey to these shallow distractions.

I hope others do too.

This is the next set-up I’m looking at (in the future because lol money):

  • MacBook Pro 14"
  • Studio Display
  • iPad Pro 11" w/Magic Keyboard + Pencil

Would like to work away from the base office with both the laptop and iPad. Plus I’ve missed the iPad for certain tasks and hobbies.

One of things I’m working on for @TIL 2.0 is making the site easier to use. Better access via breadcrumbs, linked pages, etc.

I’m starting to see just how many websites don’t do this sort of thing at all. Most navigation seems to be built around “We want to funnel you to X.”

I’d love to work for Royal Mail; apparently you can just do a poor job and get paid for it anyway.

I’ve reset my Apple Watch and put it away. I’ll go back to it if they ever improve the battery life to a significant degree.

I see Wirecutter has solidified its fall from grace.