Ben Thompson insits “The online world of social media is great because now when you meet up with friends and family, you don’t need to catch-up.”

I’m confused… maybe I’m the weird one… but I enjoy catching up? I like how a gathering starts with that process without a computer.

I’m grateful for the timelines being open and available. Account-based barriers for free social networks on the web are gross.

I like that Bandcamp is the best supported music platform in the plug-ins directory.

Me: I’m going to stop using Apple’s apps because boo

Apple: Announces actual meaningful improvements

Me: oh… oh ok then

The new issue of ICYMI is ready to go. Will be released in approximately 6 minutes.

I think it says a lot that writers and bloggers are finding a home in podcasts and on platforms like Twitch, as opposed to other text-based platforms.

Reducing expression down to bite-sized pieces of content absolutely ruins any writer’s chance of producing their best work.

Fixed a handful of bugs this morning, little things that no one notices and bigger things like push notifications and Webmentions broken for the last few days. Think I need to dedicate June to just working on stability.

β€” Manton Reece

That work has been apparent to me. πŸ™Œ

Safari is probably the most frustrating app I use; some websites and web tech inexplicably breaks when compared to Chromium and Firefox. I’m going to give Firefox a go again, including for password management which has become the only thing keeping me tied to Safari.

I don’t like this thing and will now quit it, and then later fail to stop myself from going back to it, before again complaining and quitting.

β€” The Internet, every year.

I remember @jack once said “Don’t tell me what you’re quitting, show me what you’re doing next.” πŸ’―

  • For people with the spare energy and time: youtube-dl.
  • For people with the spare money and time: Downie.
  • For people with better things to do: YouTube Premium.
  • For everybody else: crappy adverts.


  • For people who don’t want streaming to dictate their life: ignorant bliss.

Is post scheduling on broken for anybody else? The editor just submits from the Schedule button as if it’s the Post button for a new post.

This week’s issue of ICYMI is ready to go and will be sent in approximately 91 minutes. πŸ“¨

The reason I’m going to continue to use DuckDuckGo is the same reason I use Apple products β€” made in China β€” and β€” increasingly written in React Native, created and backed by FaceBook β€” and it’s simple:

The world is complicated. Moral absolutes are rarely helpful.

How threads could work:

  • Publish original post, either long or micro.
  • Make edits to post.
  • Edits are optionally added to timeline as replies to original post.

Optional features:

  • Include link to OP in reply.
  • Edit log included in OP.
  • Don’t include replies in the TL.

When I’m using the scheduler for @TIL, I feel like I’m having a good day.

I don’t understand it, or why you would do it. Maybe one day I will do it, but I don’t see that. I don’t understand why you would want to tell other people, people you don’t know, what is good or not so good in the moment.

β€” Jurgen Klopp on why he “doesn’t do social media”