I’ve basically given up on the idea that, whilst there is plenty of great film to be found elsewhere the fact is that a lot of what I want to watch of online video will be on YouTube for what might as well be forever.

… and now I want Premium again. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

16 gigs of RAM, i7 CPU, recently used the built-in “reset” option… still the computer shows lag.

… and now I can’t find the middle-finger emoji in the picker!?

… fuck you, Microsoft. ๐Ÿ–•

I do love this SE… but uh… performance sure is becoming an issue. I guess this makes sense but it’s still quite sad.

Fortunately, I’m not currently in a position wherein I rely on the device for too much and even that reliance will be reduced once I get a laptop.

Can we destroy hashtags? If I say please maybe it’ll happen.

Much happier with my site now.

Just need two fixes;

  • the Home menu link doesn’t appear on the Archive page;
  • when changing the name of a category, the site does not automatically reflect that.

I’m confident those issues will be fixed and so, for now, I am all done.

So iCloud Family Sharing seriously doesn’t include Notes? Wow.

WorkFlowy is my brainstorming space.

It’s so good I often accidentally start using it for other stuff, like task management.

It’s so very good in that it is exceptionally easy to rectify that behaviour by moving items out of the app and into their proper place.

… spending time on Twitter isnโ€™t doing something about the bad stuff.

Sara Winge

I agree with this, for the most part. Any new personal Twitter account(s) from me will be focused, restricted, and have nothing to do with my efforts to improve the world.

Reminder to self re: the web;

  • it is more than ok to have a social profile and not post to it for extended periods of time;
  • you don’t owe anybody any part of your life;
  • if you care about the work, it is vital to create hard limits between it and your personal space.

When a service restricted to the USA does not include this piece of information on their website, I lose all interest and think worse of the people involved.

Of course I decided to stay away from Twitter. Of course I did.

(reason for the conclusion: it’s just fucking horrible, no matter what the worthwhile people post on there)

I forgot how scummy Spotify tend to be. Maybe I’ll just drop streaming music altogether.

I know I’m getting old and all that but I definitely miss how neatly the non-streaming world fits with my desire to keep my use of the Internet firmly in check.

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Imagine what a comprehensive, open library could be!

Open Library Vision

Now this is a social network for which I feel good about registering. ๐Ÿ“š

You know you’ve listened to a lot of The Talk Show when you see a SodaStream and wonder just how different your life could be with fizzy water at the ready. Thanks, @gruber, I guess.

I suppose this is a stupid question but: has the pinned list feature been made available for third parties?

(Practical version: One of the difficult things about using Twitter, with tweaked settings and all, is using the official app because that pinned list feature is great.)

I can confirm that, yes, Ricky Gervais has always been a miserable, horrible little shit.

Me: is amazing because it encourages actual replies with actual words!

Also me:

single emoji replies to everything

Facebook used a popular, ostensibly teen-oriented magazine as a tool to lie about the soul-destroying work it does.

How fucking low does this shit-show of an organisation have to sink before you people will stop using Instagram?