I’ve stopped manually creating excerpts of my personal posts for It’s too much hassle.

I’ll continue to do it for @til, however.

Some people say they like social media because it’s made real-life interactions with people easier, mostly due to already knowing what each other has been doing and therefore skipping the ritual of “catching up”.

Meanwhile, I thought that ritual was a key part of socialising.

I need a new keyboard and it’s going to be much smaller than my current das. As such this keyboard will be moved into the “spare” collection and that will be sad in a way; this thing has helped me with so many significant events over the past few years. is a place ripe for blog-based projects. So many people who at the very least have feelings about blogging.

Am I blind or have Anker yet to release a USB-C to USB-C (3.1) braided charge cable (preferably 6ft.)?

Weirdly, clever quips on The Internet don’t actually fix problems in your country.

Batman will never be better on film than when Nolan was in charge. Ever.

Too many people like to talk about being into blogging and then do no blogging at all, choosing instead to just obsess over the meta commentary of blogging.

The technology is interesting but it’s not that interesting.

Say something or log off.

Most people can’t get enough of those trees. Now the forest, oh boy, that is a sight to behold.

My first camera:

And my first camera bag:

So far I’ve only taken a couple of photos but … damn it, this whole camera thing is really good. 📷

I’ve basically given up on the idea that, whilst there is plenty of great film to be found elsewhere the fact is that a lot of what I want to watch of online video will be on YouTube for what might as well be forever.

… and now I want Premium again. 😬

16 gigs of RAM, i7 CPU, recently used the built-in “reset” option… still the computer shows lag.

… and now I can’t find the middle-finger emoji in the picker!?

… fuck you, Microsoft. 🖕

I do love this SE… but uh… performance sure is becoming an issue. I guess this makes sense but it’s still quite sad.

Fortunately, I’m not currently in a position wherein I rely on the device for too much and even that reliance will be reduced once I get a laptop.

Can we destroy hashtags? If I say please maybe it’ll happen.

Much happier with my site now.

Just need two fixes;

  • the Home menu link doesn’t appear on the Archive page;
  • when changing the name of a category, the site does not automatically reflect that.

I’m confident those issues will be fixed and so, for now, I am all done.