While I’m complaining about stuff: 1. I don’t like, 2. I hate autoplay 3. I’m not signing up for your damn newsletter because you just covered up the entire screen and everything I came to your site for, you muppet, 4. I don’t want to chat either.

Brad Enslen


“Gun control” is a funny phrase. It’s the kind of thing I’d say with reference to cattle, not human beings.

I feel good about getting the first issue of the new series from the @til Updates blog out today: The Macro Report. This is the first of a few new things for the project; I’ll post an update covering everything in the next couple of weeks.

Seeing a lot of “the iPad Pro is being held back by iOS” and it’s hardly surprising. The success of the iPhone likely made the iPad Pro even possible in the first place, but also holds it in place since Apple has yet to show the ability to release an iPad-focused update to iOS.

I wonder if it’s possible to remove Pocket from Firefox and modify the context menu. πŸ€” This is the only problem I have compared with Chrome.

Between the Hacker News post and the brand new feature for connecting your account with Mastodon it’s fair to say even through my limited view there has been a lot of excitement on!

For newcomers, hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ» I have a personal Introduction here.

Feeling relieved to have a project keeping my hands full. At least there will be progress on @til as a result of these damned elections.

Good luck to every USA citizen tonight, and those around the world who are affected by the decisions made by leaders of said nation.

I’ve hit my limit for junk on the web;

  • ad-infested websites;
  • shallow people with small intentions;
  • spammy posting;
  • manipulative attention grabbing;
  • “free” but not really.

I’m done. Would rather have access to less but each piece be respectful of me as a person.

US soldiers carrying out orders as fake border patrol is literally a rejected sub-plot for Team America: World Police.

It is a lot easier to make a thing for the web and use the silos to share it. That’s where most people are gathered, you can get feedback, and you know you can access it on any type of computer at all. However, the cost is so heavy, and insidious… a dilemma for artists.

It’s interesting to see a Goldilocks effect of sorts upon which the large, silo web companies are heavily leaning. For example, somebody tries instead of Twitter and because isn’t juuuust right they go right back onto Twitter just because it’s familiar.

Testing the timeline (last post on my timeline is from 13 hours ago).

I’d like to thank Google for the sudden inexplicable shitty quality of the photos taken with my Pixel. Good job on that. πŸ‘πŸ»

Whoever brought the words Fair Use to prominence via comment sections has to live with the misery of knowing it’s all fucking over those comment sections, a portal through which the collective stupidity of humanity steps every single day.

In the latest round of Microsoft’s Magical Touch:

I am now getting notification sounds from Skype despite having switched off notifications for the entire app.