TF(eeling)W you finish a piece of work as early as possible. 😎

Is it no wonder people choose to pirate so much stuff when the official websites – if they even exist – to buy the things are genuinely terrible. These things are hostile to anybody who would like to actually, you know, use it.

The music filter for Discover on is basically a timeline full of recommendations, a chance to listen to something you may not have considered, sorted in a random order and including a variety of notes (or no notes in some cases).


Replies on are so damn quick, as @smokey says I thought something was broken for half a second. Thanks, @manton. 😂

Regular blogging is such a good hobby for writers. Focus, discipline, and repeated practise all built into one activity.

I have now watched and listened to the introduction of Pumat Sol on Critical Role a few times each. Matt Mercer is just… astonishing.



Clicking ‘Show More’ again and again and again and again and again…

We finally, somewhat inevitably started watching Critical Role.

How is traditional TV still in business?

Is there a German word for that feeling you get when you realise you have forgotten the colour hex codes from a previous long term project?

For the first Micro Monday of October let’s talk about @vasta. Sameer writes with extraordinary depth, thinks of others first when taking part in conversaitons, and finds a way to talk about a variety of subjects and issues without wasting a single word. Simply, brilliant.