The heatwave is winding down. The cruel sun recedes.


The men who are uncomfortable about buying tampons and other such products for a woman:

Grow the fuck up.


Other Men

(๏พ‰ยดใƒฎยด)๏พ‰*: ๏ฝฅ๏พŸR E P L I E S

Finally realised it was foolish to expect tech pundit-based media to put any serious effort into talking about important issues. Sure, they’re making a good living from selling adverts but only if the topics remain unimportant. As such I have been cutting them out of my life.

YouTube Music is going to destroy Spotify. As for Apple, well, let’s just say that most people (especially of a younger age) really couldn’t give less of a shit about how many deals you make with Oprah.

I’m giving feedly another try. Feedbin’s web app lacks both batch editing controls and thorough keyboard shortcuts support. Plus there’s a Feedly mobile app.

Still odd that Apple has the best support for the web, considering how terrible they are with it. update