YouTube Music is going to destroy Spotify. As for Apple, well, let’s just say that most people (especially of a younger age) really couldn’t give less of a shit about how many deals you make with Oprah.

I’m giving feedly another try. Feedbin’s web app lacks both batch editing controls and thorough keyboard shortcuts support. Plus there’s a Feedly mobile app.

Still odd that Apple has the best support for the web, considering how terrible they are with it. update

The problem with listening to episode 5 of Originality – 73 Million Blank Notebooks – is that I am thinking seriously about not just paper journaling (which was already a thing) but also getting a paper calendar.

@aleen whyyyyyyyyyy 😱

Reading stuff posted on the web from before Brexit is… ugh so sad.

Currently trying Workflowy in place of TickTick. Was already using the former for some note-taking and thanks to the recent app updates have found it to be good for tasks. Particularly happy to be handling one less account/app.

About Twitter… (I’m super good at spending my time efficiently on things that matter) honestly, I have no idea if it’s worth the effort anymore with regard to actively using their tools for blocking, muting, etc. Wish I could transport the good people onto

Finding it difficult to give a shit about fucking Siri Shortcuts when the USA is fully engaged in the return of internment camps and cutting itself from the rest of the world; a literal dystopia becoming more fully formed by the day.

Listed, the hosted blog/newsletter service from Standard Notes has just gained custom domain support. I’m looking forward to not only using the core note-taking app but trying my hand with Listed.

Another day has passed and thus another round of:

  • Enough Swearing OR
  • Not Enough Swearing