President Donald Trump using dead soldiers to promote himself via Twitter just about sums up where the USA is right now.

Micro Monday time! It’s got to be @Bruce who has so thoroughly thrown himself into the community in a way that only reaffirms my decision to set up camp here. Talk about a full-flavoured blog, crossing all kinds of interests and topics worthy of discussion. 😊

That part in the project when you are Building. The. Thing. 👌

I’ve gone back to using Typora and, uh, damn this thing is going to make me seriously consider a Windows machine for a laptop.

I hope the tech podcasts I listen to cover Elon Musk’s latest round of fuckery. Definitely losing interest in tech podcasts that outright ignore this stuff.

From a reply in a Twitter thread:

Thanks for doing the work on maintaining this as a thread.


“What haven’t I been reading lately!?”


Why haven’t I been reading them!?

You Are Trash!

… fair. :/

My concern with introducing a version of the timeline that excludes replies is that therefore becomes much more like Twitter and Facebook. Status updates (non-reply posts) quickly become performative, creating the potential for a lot of well established problems.

Tomorrow is a day in which there will be CANINE VISITORS 🙏🙌😍😄

Welp the folks at Instapaper made that decision for me. Bye!

TickTick are on a roll lately with expansion of their cross-platform approach. Whilst I like the idea of using Google Tasks in an effort to further reduce the number of accounts I have for utilities, it’s going to take a lot of work for Google to justify that switch.