We watched The Big Sick for the first time last night. Whew.

We have to pay for being a woman in so many ways. All humans pay for toilet roll but only women have to pay for menstruation.

Claire Field

That was deliberate. They lured us away from the public view, down a little side street, and then they did what they did.

Michael Longsmith

The Royal wedding, supported by this nation’s police thugs. Shameful.

Kudos to @gruber for his latest posts re: the general situation in the US. Too many prominent tech voices seem keen to live in denial of the lives ruined by the President and the vile people who support him but not John Gruber, he’s putting it right there into his megaphone.

Full disclosure: you shouldn’t follow this blog or me on if you are “trying to get away from the news” or whatever. I am not here to pretend that ignoring the world means you are making things better; the news is not what made established social media bad.

Removed a third-party Twitter app from my phone for the last time. No more avoiding that which Twitter is, in their own cowardly way, making a reality. This is how Twitter is supposed to be and so that is how I will experience it, warts and all.

After the first few episodes of Runaways (we’re behind over here 😒) and seeing Infinity War it has become clear to me that the only part of DC I will care about for the immediate future is Wonder Woman.

Do you hear Yan-

Let me stop you. There are literal pieces of shit about which I care more.

Our goal was to make the device as adaptable as possible, so gamers can create a setup that works for them in a way that is plug-and-play, extensible, and affordable.

Phil Spencer

Interesting contrast to Apple’s premium remote offering.

Can’t wait for the fix that applies to conversations with people who have underscores in their usernames. Randomly mentioning the wrong person is a terrible experience.

I’ll be going through my RSS feeds soon and one rule I am definitely going to apply is this:

  • If you don’t allow your full posts to display then I will no longer subscribe to your writing.

This is the kind of nonsense that does not help feed-based publishing at all.