I can plug it directly into my MacBook Pro, no dongle.

Colin Devroe reviews the Pixel 2

I agree with a lot of this and have found a number of other delightful features. This is Android at its best on a phone.

adding gender pronouns as a top level profile feature to everything i work on moving forward.

Dom Hofmann

I’ve had content warnings in my browser when trying to access Flickr and Tumblr in the past few days. Looks like Verizon has been doing a great job. 👍

Don’t feed the trolls.

– Priveleged Person From A Position Of Safety

Turns Out™ … April has been infrastructure month. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Many nerds like to shit on the official Twitter app for being an abomination, mainly due to the algorithmic timeline, but the truth is Twitter’s iOS client is worlds better than Tweetbot for accessibility.

Steven Aquino

I wonder if the furore over “Electron is the new Native” is mostly a Mac issue. I have a bunch of apps on my Windows machine and I think some of them are native; I know for sure some are not and I don’t have problems with them. Maybe I’m using my computer wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Google Tasks is a new to-do list app

The ramp up to I/O continues apace. It’s about time they released this as a stand-alone app, separate from Calendar. Although integration with email would be good, assuming it’s not included.