Counting down the days to’s MySpace importer.

The President of the United States of America calls a London hospital a “warzone”, which is patently untrue. Meanwhile, children across the United States of America continue to learn “active shooter drills”.

Feels so good to have completed the process of establishing my hosted MB as a blog in its own right. On top of the joy of finishing something is the motivation to DO MORE RIGHT NOW OMG. 💪

No, nothing is changing. Same app you know and love, same team working on it but now with more resources than ever before.

shifty jelly; The Next Chapter

If nothing else, this is something to hold them against.

Why would you give a dishonest opinion?

Lol. Let’s all pretend that the world of US and UK politics aren’t what they are, shall we.

Right now a lack of both a password option and “social stats” are my two killer features.

It’s interesting to see people struggling with discovery on Genuinely feels like the Closed Web has gutted any semblance of an educated culture within the web itself; before Big Social I don’t recall ever feeling the need for somebody to hold my hand so tightly.

Looking through URL shortening options is enough to create a headache. I would gladly pay more for my hosting if URL shortening was offered, in the vein of extra cross-posting and microcasting.

Students at a high school in Dearborn will be evaluated by teachers before prom. If their dresses aren’t appropriate, they’ll be given a Modesty Poncho.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

The more I use voice to use my computers the more I’m convinced that Keyboard + Cursor is destined to be in the position we currently reserve for fax machines.

I see GitHub have decided to join us in this decade.