Arcane Tech Tip:

When using YouTube, specifically on the browser, pressing ‘k’ will pause the video. Spacebar might work but mostly that just moves you down to the comments section.

(it has literally been like this for years)

A big lie of the closed web is that you can have a frictionless experience in there. You can’t. It’s pure PR spin from corporations in an attempt to misdirect people’s attention from the pile of crap they are peddling, and nothing else.

Part 1.b of improving my health: my skin does not react well to the material the Flex is made of. Oh well, I’ll get to testing out other Fitbit options in the future.

Micro Monday? How about the slack. It’s more than a simple source of help; different members of the community are in there, passionate about, and often willing to enjoy a good chat.

Availability of trackpads (whatever variation) for Windows 10 is a shit show. Hopefully Microsoft are interested in genuinely competing with Apple; in that scenario I’m sure they’d have to seriously consider producing such hardware.

Between @vishae, @matigo, and myself all talking about new homes I think we need a Moving Club where we can all vent about things, heh. Actually, maybe a hashmoji will do… 🏠🏡🏘️

Part 1 of improving and better maintaining my health.

Hah, coincidence: I’m catching up on Core Intuition and recently listened to Manton and Daniel talk about people who react to product updates with “but what about this other thing” and then in my tl I see people complaining in the aftermath of support for microcasts.

Wavelength for

I can’t use the app (hi 👋 third-party devs) but native support for microcasts is just the right opportunity for people like me, having stopped short of producing audio.

Bravo, Manton. 👏

So we’re all clear:

If Jack Dorsey could be Mark Zuckerberg he would take that deal in a fucking hearbeat.

Weighing up the £200 lump-sum cost of yearly WP-hosted (to get access to plugins) against the cost (monetary, time, energy) of self-hosted WP. 🤔

(Seriously, as soon as MB has just a few more features I’ll be ready to switch my site right over, even if the monthly cost goes up.)