Open Live Writer looks like the only genuine piece of software that can provide Windows users with an app for both writing and publishing. At least, I hope it works with minimal maintenance needed. 🀞

I’m currently catching up on my podcasts, having been out of the loop for six weeks, and especially enjoying Presentable by Jeff Veen. Recent highlights:

  • VR with Shahid Kahn
  • The open web with Jeremy Keith
  • Accessibility with Laura Kalbag

Is it just me or did the web used to use on more to refer to a subject;

they made a post on the ethics of X

… whereas now it refers to the place;

they made a post on Medium/Twitter/Facebook

Or is that entirely down to where my attention is drawn?

Watched Atomic Blonde a couple of nights ago. Was a lot of fun, and refreshing to see an action woman. Another highlight was the music; currently enjoying it via a playlist. 🎢🎞️

The thing about The Beatles is that it’s unabashed, genuine expression of whatever inspired them to do it. In a world full of cynicism (especially here on the internet), listening to even a few of their songs is a remedy. 10/10 would recommend

I’m almost due for another run through Community and Parks and Recreation. πŸ“Ί

I just used my Pixel to unlock my Chromebook for the first time… now I’m starting to feel like I’m stepping into the modern world of tech. 😲

The Post Move Master Task List took some big hits this week;

  • new doctor fully registered;
  • first vet appointment made for younger kitty;
  • tumble dryer acquired and installed;
  • cooker moved and installed;
  • local council fully updated;
  • new, upgraded internet.

Fortunately tech-savvy people are deleting their Facebook accounts. That only leaves people who are not tech-savvy and rely on Facebook for community support. So… yay?

It’s Micro Monday somewhere so I’m going to talk about @oyam, who shares both a selection of intrguing web stuff and a knack for seeing different sides of a discussion, subject, or even seemingly simple yet common thoughts. Also, check out that slideshow. 😍

Late late night Beatles and some MB… could be worse. πŸ‘‹