short looks like a genuine candidate for me to replace Workflowy and TickTick, whilst leveraging Google’s software. Currently waiting for a reply to a request for help, hopefully support will match the seeming potential of the rest of the product.

It is complicated, but appropriately so. Oftentimes that’s the difference between a UI that’s usable, or one that’s confusing, dangerous, and hard to trust.

Andrew Schmidt, indirectly confronting Lazy Minimalism amidst useful advice for UX writers.

Nothing is quite as heartening as seeing people blackmail app devs in store reviews. Nice work, everybody. 👍

The fact that there’s a Star Trek emoji but not a Doctor Who emoji continues to give me cause to pause.

Oh, it’s Micro Monday. That reminds me to point you towards @eli who both thoughtfully participates in conversations here on and thoughtfully shares links to web writing that I always enjoy reading. Also… dat beard tho. 🙌

Whilst we’re still recovering from the move two weeks ago, I am reminded that cats have an amazing capacity for adapting to change.

I have now fully given up on self-hosting. I tried a install on Dreamhost whilst hosting my domain on Hover and it was too difficult to surpass; it made me feel frustrated in a way that just made me sad. Now to focus on writing and other projects.

The only downside with so far is that I have been exposed to the allure of hobbies and interests that come with a not insubstantial price tag. Thanks a lot everybody! 👋

Quick thoughts after two weeks with the Pixel 2:

  • Google Assistant is brilliant.
  • System flexibility is refreshing (notifications especially).
  • Availability of good third party apps is a lot better than Apple-centred pundits would have you believe.
  • This thing is beautiful.

… he brought knives, and was scared away by students throwing their backpacks at him.

Rami Ismail

I mean… backpacks. Fuck guns.

Today is a day in which I am particularly sad about not being able to drive.

Weird. I submitted a post in the afternoon, it went through as usual but didn’t appear immediately. I left and thought nothing of it since sometimes there is a delay… and now, no post at all. So I missed a day. :/

Two days without my anti-histamine and I’m about ready to rip my skin off.

Learning (via email no less) that double tapping the power button on my phone opens the camera is just… great.

Today’s excitement;

  • a positive health appointment;
  • Pixel 2 successfully ordered;
  • Thor: Ragnarok seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

Not bad. 👌