Feeling overwhelmed and losing focus often go hand-in-hand for me. It’s so much easier to ignore the thing I’m anxious about when there are so many fun-but-meaningless things I could be doing. For example: “Ooh, look at the edits I can make to my site’s theme!”

Just finished reading the updated help page for, “Setting up Wordpress”. The page is both good and aligns with my current mode of finally getting my WP site up and running; I can’t wait to upgrade and get hold of the better Jetpack.

Great post!

I see this a lot in my timeline. It makes me happy. :)

As @becky says appears to be getting quite the New Years bounce. It’s especially encouraging to see so many people talking about the urge to write more, especially for fun.

Bravo, @manton!

One thing I remember about the new year, each year, but only after I have been bitten;

It’s perfectly OK to ease into your highly-motivated goals.

Burn-out hurts yourself and helps nobody.

Hey did you hear that Apple computers are expensive. Pass on this super secret tip!

My site for all of my blogging + for an all-in-one feed, comments, and discussion.

A great set-up. Finally.

From @Vincent:

I hope this site will outlive me, somehow, in an archive. I only know how to write software, make websites and fly shiny metal things in the air… I will never create buildings or monuments.

I like this paragraph. It both speaks to what I think is a broadly lived experience in the age of the “Digital Native” and provides crucial insight within the context of Vincent’s post.

Starting to see why WP hosted costs as little as it does. Some of the missing features from using WP self-hosted might push me back into self-hosting.

Pro Tip: I will never not favourite posts that feature pictures of cats and dogs.

My 5s is no longer a paperweight; yay! Related: damn you, kitty.